Listed below are some tips that will help make your home more appealing to a potential buyer. These will also help to insure a shorter market time and a higher sales price.
  • First Impressions

    Anacortes home for sale
    An inviting front porch of a home for sale.

    The first thing a prospective buyer sees is the front entrance of your home. Make sure the yard and landscaping are well manicured. Flowers add a nice touch. Repaint the exterior of your home if necessary

  • Sunlight
    Open window coverings and clean windows/skylights to give your home a bright open feel
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens
    Make them bright and sparkling. Check and repair any broken tile or grout. Clean and recaulk around tub or shower. Mirrors should be clean and fixtures should be free of any leaks
  • A light and airy bathroom in a home for sale.
    A sparkling clean bathroom in a home for sale.

    Closet and Storage Space
    Buyers always want a lot of closet and storage space. Make sure yours are well organized and uncluttered. Dispose of the things you are not using

  • Personal Belongings
    Remove excess furniture. Table and counter tops should be clear of all unnecessary items. An uncluttered home helps the buyer to visually move into your new home
  • Repairs
    Doors, cabinets, windows and screens should be free of defects. Deferred maintenance is a turn off for a new buyer
  • Redecorate
    Faded walls, worn woodwork and spotted carpet reduce appeal to a potential buyer. Cosmetic touches cost very little and are a great investment
  • Pets
    Contain pets while your home is being shown, keeping them outside is best.
Traditional home for sale in Anacortes, WAWhat determines value?
  • Location within your County
  • Location within your community
  • Location within your neighborhood
  • Size and floor plan of the house
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Condition of the house
  • Improvements and amenities
  • Size, features and usability of the lot
What does not affect value?
  • What you originally paid for your house
  • The amount of cash you need to purchase your new home
  • Your actual cost for remodeling and maintenance
  • What your house may have been worth in the past.
Who determines value?
  • Buyers do!
    They determine value by what they are willing to pay in today’s market, based on the comparison of your house to others currently available and recently sold.
Who ultimately determines if your house sells? You do!
  • By listing your house at the current market value.
Determining the value of your property is the most important decision to be made prior to marketing your home. A majority of the showings will take place during the first few weeks of the listing period, therefore an accurate listing price is crucial. Pricing the property correctly will usually generate a higher selling price. If the price is too high realtors may not show the property and the home could remain on the market for an extended period of time. Buyers commonly ask, “How long has the property been on the market?” When the answer to that question is more than six months they begin to wonder why the property has not sold. This may result in the buyer making a lower offer than what they would have made if the property were priced right from the beginning.
  • Overpricing Creates High Expectations
    Most buyers will be expecting more and will be disappointed when they compare your home to others that are priced right
  • Overpricing Helps Sell Competition
    Your higher price makes the competition more attractive to buyers
  • Overpricing Causes Loss of Qualified Buyers
    Most buyers are prequalified and only look at homes in their price range. Buyers who qualify for the fair market value of your home may never see it
  • Overpriced Listings Do not Appraise
    Even if a buyer is found, a lower than sale price appraisal can result in the lender rejecting the loan
  • Overpricing Eliminates Offers
  • Overpriced listings frequently receive no offers.