A Green Understanding
American Dream Real Estate Services, Inc. understands the importance of “Living Green.”

This translates into a smaller carbon footprint for our community and healthier, more affordable living for homeowners.

What Green Offers

Sustainable and green building programs encourage building and construction practices that demonstrate achievement in the following areas of environmental awareness:
  • Lowering of energy consumption through energy efficient appliances and maintenance systems
  • Reduction of toxins and pollutants for healthier indoor air quality
  • Preservation of natural resources through site and water management

Added Value
Documented case studies have shown that your home increases in value and sells more quickly by:
  • Lowering utility costs
  • Enhancing indoor air quality
  • Installing applications for water conservation
  • Having less of an impact on the environment
In addition, these homes may qualify for loans supporting green practices.
How we can help
American Dream Real Estate Services, Inc. is equipped to assist you in “Deepening the Green” in your home or business. Guidance in obtaining your Green Certifications is another service we offer.
American Dream Realtors are trained to help you locate homes that have incorporated “green features.” When your home is placed on the market for sale our marketing will reflect the “green features” you have established as a homeowner.

Going Green
With American Dream Real Estate Services, Inc., your home has the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly. We encourage you to consult with us regarding ways to reduce energy costs, enhance indoor air quality, and protect water and other natural resources.  American Dream is able to provide you with referrals to appropriate and reliable services. We provide you with tips and solutions to “Deepen the Green” in your home – with a time line that works for you.

It’s the right thing to do…..let American Dream help you!